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Hello my name is I.C. Collins after 35 years in the automotive sales industry I notice one of our major problems needs to be addressed "the lack of real teamwork." The reason I say this is because teamwork is the highest level of competition that can be achieved.

From newbies to establish veterans we offer "How To Succeed In The Automotive Sales Industry™ " our continually updated e-Book. TAC challenges the conventional wisdom of selling in today’s world and encourages you to think differently and more creatively about the preparation, and delivery of your sales presentation.

We believe by empowering The Automotive Sales Fraternity™ With Our Customer Satisfaction Training, along with our strict CODE of ETHICS you will be able to Gain Customer Loyalty through a conversation making the message about the CUSTOMER rather than about YOU. With free online support through our Social-Media Sites Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. Optimized for any Mobile Device.

TechAutoCareers® Code of Ethics will showcase our integrity, competency, and service that are the defining characteristics of the Automotive Sales Fraternity, ™ who voluntarily and enthusiastically embrace the Code

To build on this we offer something for the Automotive Sales Fraternity,™ TechAutoCareers.com® The term TechAutoCareers® is a registered collective membership mark that identifies a Automotive Sales Consultant who is a member of Techniques in Automotive Sales Careers the online resource for automotive sales consultants™ and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.

For TechAutoCareers® and for the clients we serve the Code is far more than a simple statement. Rather the Code details the clear, concise, and compelling assurances of principle and professionalism that guide each of us with our clients, customers, public and with each other daily..

A demographic shift looms: Some 76 millions baby boomers will soon reached "official" retirement age; they will begin to collect social security. You may ask yourself what does this mean to me. It could create a huge hole in the workforce as far as information being passed down to others.

Everyone risk losing valuable information and skills that have become second nature to seasoned veterans.

TAC offers "How To Succeed In The Automotive Sales Industry™" to aid with helpful solutions, which can be applied the same day. TechAutoCareers.com® is improving the "customer experience" for the TechAutoCareers® All this helpful information is available at your fingertips on our continually updated e-Book “How To Succeed In The Automotive Sales Industry." Our eBook identifies business considerations that may impact your decision-making process, the risks and benefits for each choice, and tips for making your chosen strategy work for you.

TechAutoCareers.com® obsessively cover the web to bring you the latest information to help further your sales career. We don't resist a good idea because "it wasn't invented here." We are always searching across our industry for the best way to do something and adapting it where it applies.

It's not the strongest or most intelligent who survive in our industry, but those who best adapt to change. At TechAutoCareers.com® sales and service are inseperable. You can have more sales but they do not always lead to better service, but better service almost always leads to more sales. "What's really important isn't just customer satisfaction but customer loyalty. “After all we're in the service business.

Please accept our invitation and feel free to be yourself and get to know our members on Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin. We hope you say that TechAutoCareers.com® succeeded in meeting the criteria of being creative without being preachy.

Finally, thanks!!! I look forward to making some awesome connections and want to thank you ahead of time for helping to make it all possible.

Thanks, I have one primary objective - to help you sell more cars!

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I.C. Collins ~ Author and Educator~ TechAutoCareers.com®
TechAutoCareers.com® the online resource for the Automotive Sales Consultant™ a success and still growing.



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